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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to use GloveBox
How do I connect my policies?
Why was GloveBox created?
There is a massive lack of technology in the insurance industry. Insurance is very old and has not aged very well. GloveBox solves the antiquated process of customer service by putting clients in the driver's seat and lets them handle all their insurance documents right from their fingertips. No need to call and wait on hold, just log into your GloveBox and access any information you need. 

When will new carriers be added?

As carriers become more aware of what we offer, we will add them to the GloveBox arsenal in a more seamless experience. If you do not see your carrier listed, please request here.

What are the known issues inside GloveBox?
We document all reported issues here and keep users up to date when they are resolved.
What does GloveBox cost?

GloveBox is free for users!

If you are you an Agent who doesn't service your own book of business, click here to view pricing.

If you are an Agency with a team who services the book of business, click here to view pricing. 

Can I download GloveBox to my phone?
Is my client's inforamtion protected?
Absolutely! At GloveBox, security is our top priority. That is the reason we use two-factor authentication to log into the app. This way there are no passwords for a client to forget or reset. Simply log in with your mobile number and received a code directly to that secure device. 
If my clients change agents/agencies but continue to use GloveBox, will my brand remain?
Yes, your brand will live in the GloveBox app until they activate with a new GloveBox agent. If that new agent doesn't use GloveBox, then your agency brand will remain. This gives you the opportunity to stay top of mind with your clients for potential win-backs. 
As an agent, if I switch companies will my clients still see my brand?  
Yes, your clients will be able to move with you no matter which company you sell insurance through. It's as easy as changing your branding and agent details in the Admin dashboard.
When are life/health and commercial access support coming? 
It is on GloveBox's roadmap to build out connections for commercial, life/heath in the very near future. Please add your name to our waitlist so we can left you know as soon as we have these connections available.  

How do I manually connect my Agency to GloveBox?

Under the "Account" button in GloveBox, select the "Connect Agency" button, enter in your agency code and follow the prompts to connect your Agency. If you do not have your agency code, you can email with your agency name and city/state and we can provide it to you.