How to use GloveBox

Create an account by entering your mobile phone number and use the pin sent to you via text message to authenticate. This will be unique each time you login in the event you are logged out so you don't have to remember any passwords. 

  1. Tap or select the "agency card" at the top to access self-service options with your agency (request a quote, service request, and direct communication). This feature may be unavailable if your agency is not a GloveBox partner. If your agency is not shown at the top of your GloveBox, please email and we will provide you with your agency connect code. 
  2. Access your insurance documents by connecting to your carrier(s). You will need an account with your carrier to access first so make sure your user credentials for that carrier are working and accurate.
In order to register with the carrier, you will typically need a policy number. This is provided in-app if your agency is connected to GloveBox. If it is not, your current agent can get you this information. You should have set up an account when your policies were submitted so make sure to check the carrier site directly to see if you have login credentials already.
  1. Additional self-service features include: pay a bill, start a claim, and access roadside service contact info.
  2. Add any "carrier card" to your GloveBox using the carrier tab and searching for your respective carrier. 
  3. Contact us if you need help with any of the following steps! 

How do I connect my policy(s)?

How do I pay a bill?

How do I request service from my agency?

How do I get a quote from my agency?

What are the known issues inside GloveBox?

We document all reported issues here.

Can I download GloveBox to my phone?
Is my information protected?

Absolutely! At GloveBox, security is our top priority. That is the reason we use two-factor authentication to log into the app. This way there are no passwords for a client to forget or reset. Simply log in with your mobile number and receive a pin directly to that secure device. 

When are life/health and commercial access support coming? 

It is on GloveBox's roadmap to build out connections for commercial, life/heath in the very near future. Please add your name to our waitlist so we can left you know as soon as we have these connections available.  

How do I connect my Agency to GloveBox?

If you are not connected to your agency and would like to have direct access to self-service with them, you can email with your agency name and city/state and we can get them connected. Until then, you will only have carrier functionality. 

Still having trouble? We can jump in & help. 
Let us know what's going on by describing in detail so we can ensure we're providing the quickest solution to resolve your issue. You'll receive a response by the next business day.